Changing the educational landscape
Changing the  educational landscape

Casa Guatemala is a registered NGO and receives no government funding. We rely on funds from individuals and groups around the world to provide care for up to 300 children at our village and in the larger community.

These children have been wards of the State, but the majority come from families from the surrounding Mayan villages who live in cases of extreme poverty who, without Casa Guatemala, would have no other access to education.

Since 1987, Casa Guatemala has been helping change the lives of the children of Guatemala. All with help from generous people like you.

In Guatemala only 30% of children finish elementary school. We're helping change that. Every year we help over 250 children from more than 25 communities progress through their early education. Our coursework focuses on language skills, math, health and hygiene classes, sustainable agriculture, and artistic activities.

But we also understand that the education for these children must not stop at grade six. That's why we work with other agencies and groups to secure scholarships and other opportunities for those children graduating from grade six.

With our help, and the help of other NGOs like ours, we can give these children the skills and opportunities they need to help change the face of their communities.

Our vision
Our vision

Casa Guatemala strives to equip the children in their care with the skills and education needed to become upstanding, empowered citizens in their community and to become fully self-sustained through the businesses that they run which provide financial support and meaningful job training for the older children.

Our mission
Our mission

Casa Guatemala seeks to provide a safe home, love and nurturing, proper health care, and an excellent education to the children of Guatemala who are abused, abandoned, malnourished, or living in extreme poverty.